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The green warrior behind Green Is The New Black and the Wedge Asia, host and sustainability expert. Stephanie Dickson, chats all things green and glam.

Green Warrior: Inspiration

People Know you as the lady boss behind the Wedge Asia and GITNB but who is Stephanie the woman?

From the moment I quit my job and started The Wedge & GITNB – we became synonymous. We are one and the same and what you experience at our events really is what I am all about. I love bringing people together, partying, having fun, being silly, discovering new brands, or cool people doing amazing stuff and sharing that with the world. I also love having down time, chilling out, drinking wine, and travelling. I am an avid sunset chaser and feel most alive when I am by the ocean or walking in nature. I am an emotional rollercoaster and work every week to figure out how to be a better person and learn how to handle the crazy a bit better.

What is on the horizon for you and your business?

Green Is The New Black is on a mission to make conscious living the new norm and become the number one place for sustainable brands like Ayelli in Asia. We want to use our platform to inform and empower people to take positive action, so that we can leave the world in a better place than we’ve found it. Our mission is all about bringing people together and connecting ourselves to mother nature.

Right now, we are working on taking Green Is the New Black regional, with the second city for The Conscious Festival being Hong Kong. We  launched our online platform to connect conscious people with conscious brands and green warriors, with the aim of being the number one place for sustainable Brands in Asia! On our journey to being the number one place for sustainable brands, we will be having a lot of fun and sharing great stories along the way!

What is your equivalent of the power suit? An outfit, situation, event that makes you feel strong, powerful and empowered like you could take over the world?

My Matter pantsuit with my twin within necklace is my ‘go to’ outfit, wearing this I feel like I can take on anything. You will often see me wearing them – I’m all for an outfit repeat! :) I love these items as I know that they were ethically made, by real people and their production has a low impact on the planet. This outfit makes me feel good, and inspires me to keep going to do my part for the conscious movement. The Monthly Wedge events always top up my energy and give me a little dose of inspiration, connection, knowledge, and action to get through the next month.

Green Warrior:  Knowledge

GITNB is the conscious festival in Singapore. What are your best 3 #littlegreensteps to become a green warrior socially, environmentally and health conscious?

Every little step counts! Think about one thing that you believe in whether that is climate change, animal rights or human rights or protecting the oceans or even your own health.  Then think about one small conscious step you can do daily to tackle it. Then once you have that down add it to your routine, introduce another, and another, and sooner or later you have really shifted your habits and are on your way to being happier, healthier and lessening the burden on the planet. little green steps, green feet and sustainability for green organic beauty

Three #littlegreensteps:

  1. Reduce single use plastic. To say that plastic is ‘disposable’ is one of the biggest deceptions of our time. Every piece of plastic that was ever made is still on our planet today. Did you know that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans by weight than fish (Ellen Macarthur Foundation)? Say no to plastic as much as you can. Bring reusable bags, water bottles and containers with you. Reduce, reuse, recycle and replace! Be a green warrior!
  2. Rethink your wardrobe. Fashion is a dirty industry and it takes 2,720 litres of water to make a single cotton t-shirt – that’s how much we normally drink over a 3 year period (Fashion Revolution). Start by thinking what you are willing to change about your current buying habits. Try clothes swapping with friends, giving clothes a new lease of life by buying vintage, try up-cycling and when you are buying something new ask yourself if you will wear it more than 30 times.
  3. Be a climatarian, skip that burger. Yes, this is a thing! According to Nat Geo, every pound of beef served is equivalent to releasing about nineteen pounds of greenhouse gases and animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation (13%) (Food and Agriculture Organisation of The United Nations). Consuming less beef reduces your carbon footprint and sparks for interesting conversation at the dinner table. Head to: and take the 30 day climatraian challenge.

When, why and how did you start living more consciously?

I used to plan fashion weeks around South-East Asia and it was my dream job, until one day it wasn’t. One day I realised, the somewhat obvious fact, that there is no planet b and all of us play a part, it was one of those pivotal moments in my life. It hit me that I had a choice – I could continue to be a part of the problem, or I could figure out how to be part of the solution and become a green warrior. Having trained in event management, I quickly realised that I could bring people together to learn about sustainability and green living – but I wanted to do it fun and empowering way. From this moment on ‘Green Is The New Black’ was born, I wanted to create a space where fun and social environmental responsibility go hand in hand, where people can come and be inspired to take #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously and to become a green warrior.

I truly believe that if each and every one of us was a little more conscious in a few aspects of our lives, we’d be happier, healthier and lessen the burden on the planet. I had my own awakening and now I want to help others wake up and realise that we all play a part, we all have a choice – what world are you voting for?

Green Warrior: Action

What is conscious consumerism and why we should care?

Conscious consumerism is being aware of what products you are consuming, instead of mindlessly consuming. It’s understanding the impact that your purchases make and looking to make a positive impact whilst also prioritising provenance (where a product came from, how it was made and who was involved along the way).

So why should we care? Because there is no planet b and it is all of our responsibility to take a stand. The hardest part is to get people to open their eyes to what is right in front of them. The challenge we set for ourselves with the work we do is to ignite a spark in people that becomes so strong, so passionate, it lights them up from the inside out and they are empowered to be the change, to become green warriors.


Stephanie Dickson green warrior green interview ayelli and green is the new black

How do you make sustainability chic and attractive?

There is no planet b and all of us are playing a part – sustainability needs to become mainstream and fast. But how do we do it? Well you have to make it cool and connect with the modern consumer. Whether we like it or not most people’s first concern is – does it look good/does it perform? Secondary is the sustainability aspects. So if you want to make sustainability chic – you have to make awesome products/services with a great brand to connect with people. And above all else you need to make it cool and authentic. Our Green Warrior campaign embodies all of that :)

What does it mean to be a “Green Warrior”?

A green warrior is someone who is fighting the good fight – you know the one to save the planet and humanity. These are people who are changing the world with their everyday actions, have built businesses around doing this and are leading a revolution for the world they want to see, a world where social environmental responsibility is norm. They are do-gooders who have a certain ‘je ne se quoi’ about the way they are changing the world.

Green Warrior: Inspiration

It seems like you have so much on the go what keeps you grounded?

Great question! I feel most grounded when I am with nature and in Singapore. I feel this isn’t so easy to come by. When I travel to visit my family in Sydney or around Asia I love going to the beach, watching sunsets or going for long walks. In the morning I journal, practice gratitude and do yoga which grounds me. Of course, I also love hanging out with really good friends, red wine and Netflix :) 


Stephanie Dickson organic beauty ritual with ayelli argan oilWhat are your skin needs?

My first priority is making sure my skin looks healthy and can breathe. I want to make sure that it glows and feels good. Which means I priorise organic products like Ayelli’s that perform and are good for me and the planet.

The one self care ritual that you do for yourself to allow the green warrior in you to rest and rewind?

The biggest and one of the hardest for me to learn is to be kind to myself – I’m still a massive work in progress and I celebrate that. I have learnt to tune into my body to rest more, be kinder to myself internally and say maybe and no a lot more. I really love Yoga With Adrienne! It feeds my body and mind and sets me up strong for the day.


What is your beauty ritual like?

I tried to keep it as simple and natural and with as little products as I can. In the morning, I use a charcoal facial bar, then a light moisturiser, a BB cream containing SPF and a lick of eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. In the evening, I use a facial cleansing oil, toner and of course Ayelli’s pure & Organic Argan oil. :)  

What do you love about Ayelli?

What’s not to love about Ayelli? First and foremost, Ayelli’s products are outstanding – both in functionality and quality. With Ayelli, you know that you are getting the very best. Secondly the sheer love, dedication and commitment that Habiba has put into ensuring that their products are not only socially, but also environmentally conscious is formidable, and this won me over from day one. When someone is that committed and transparent from the onset, it is only going to get better.

What’s the best beauty advice your mom ever gave you?

Drink hot water and lemon to detox and give your skin that natural clear glow!

How do you live more consciously? Do you consider yourself a green warrior? Comment below, share this article as a subscriber and you will receive our ultra-hydrating Argan cleansing bar worth $19 for FREE* Sharing is caring! Let’s chat!  

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